About Susan Bird

Wf360 Founder and CEO

Susan is an inspired communicator, an innovative connector of people and ideas, and a builder of brands. Basically, she is obsessed with the way people communicate with one another. She leads Wf360, a global consultancy she founded in 2000 to help clients apply Brandversation, a methodology that employs conversation not as a "soft skill," but as a strategic tool that transforms business organizations into more profitable companies.

Susan works at the intersection of innovation, technology and language, leveraging years of experience as a media-savvy marketer and a lawyer and mediator with a passion for the power of the spoken word. She offers her diverse client base--Starbucks, Cathay Pacific Airways, NYSE Euronext, and the government of Scotland--thought leadership, a strategic independent perspective and an integrative approach to getting groups of individuals engaged in the kind of interaction that connects them meaningfully with her client's values, goals and brands.

Key to her work is Susan's unique understanding of how to generate, capture, leverage, re-purpose and monetize content--across multiple audiences and channels, and in a way that helps achieve challenging goals--whether clients seek to jump-start thinking in a new area, are wrestling with organizational change, or seek to turn customer relationships into fan bases of extreme loyalty.

Susan speaks all over the world, where her fresh approach to engaging audiences can electrify meetings and conferences. She has facilitated over a thousand large-scale gatherings, round tables and workshops.

An avid TEDster (twice a TEDx Speaker) and Stanford Law school graduate, Susan is described as an "optimistic catalyst who feasts on information and business intelligence" which she puts to work engaging her clients' constituencies, then making magic with the resulting content.

Susan believes that face to face conversation has become the new luxury and she's determined to ensure that in this age of technology we don't forget its value. To that end, she wrote Smart Talk:The ABC's of Authentic conversation, and co-authored The Age of Conversation. She is a founding member and former Chair of the Committee of 200, a member of the Women's Leadership Board of Harvard Kennedy School, and sits on the International Council for Kilby awards, honoring laureates in science, technology and innovation. Susan also serves as an Accelerator Mentor at Blueprint, the Swire Properties incubator for technology startups, located in Hong Kong.

Susan is the proud Mom of four sons and lives in her adopted hometown, New York City. Though she thinks the best thing in the world is a jog through Central Park, she is proud of her "Cheesehead" Wisconsin roots and likes extended snowfalls.