About Wf360

We are a marketing and communications company that is changing the rules of engagement.

Wf360’s corporate clients learn to discard the notion of “getting one’s message heard” and of “telling, then selling.” Instead, we help them find the most strategically powerful ways to actively engage their customers and employees, both on- and off-line. Ways that connect them compellingly with the values on which their organization is built. When that happens, when employees and customers make connections between what they value and what a particular company or brand stands for, it’s the beginning of powerful—and measurable—relationships.

You’ll find that the results supersede mere buzz. Wf360 is focused on building devotion. We help companies develop and sustain surprising yet practical word-of-mouth conversational marketing that compels a following among people who live and breathe their brand…and willingly become evangelists who influence others to do the same.

We call it Brandversation™.

And that’s worth talking about.

So let us know if you’d like to strike up a conversation that could transform your company.